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Want to know what goes on behind the scenes? The ins and outs of how your Sliderobes wardrobe is configured, designed and tested.

Working with Sliderobes designers on a daily basis, the product and design team at Sliderobes are often consulted on many features of a wardrobe’s design. From angled doors to sliding accessories, our tech team have the answers. We chat to Paul, the head of our product and design team at Sliderobes about our latest case study and one of the major features of this very individual wardrobe.

“Every idea and every feature needs to work for the customer and we want to ensure we have made the best use of the space. Planning is crucial. This double angled master bedroom wardrobe was a real treat. Some immediate considerations for the design of this wardrobe included how the door system would have to be manufactured to fit two large angles on both sides of the wardrobe, feature the central window, and not obstruct a radiator on one wall.”

So, let’s talk about the angled door design for this Sliderobes wardrobe. What is involved?

“Four doors of this Sliderobes wardrobe have been cut to fit the angles precisely. Each angle door requires at least one support arm that is attached to the rear of the door. This support arm runs on its own track, which is fixed to the inside of your wardrobe, running on a shelf for the entire range of movement of the door. It glides across its track to allow the angled doors to open and close effortlessly, improving the performance of the sliding door system, and making full use of the doors and how they move.”

Ensuring quality design and craftsmanship.

“In order to make sure that the angle of your ceiling is closely followed by the doors, our fitters will install the interior of your Sliderobe and then produce a template that will be used to manufacture each door to its exact space. The track for the support arms is then installed, and your custom doors are normally ready for installation the following day.”

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