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Clear space, clear mind

The holiday season brings a lot of clutter, from wrapping paper to plastic packaging. Now it’s time to get rid of the unnecessary and get your home back to normal. But your house doesn’t have to be empty - there’s a difference between good clutter and bad clutter. Clothes lying on the floor, piles of letters and bundles of receipts sitting on a dresser can look untidy. However, a small tower of books sitting on the windowsill or on a neat shelf in your wardrobe will spark inspiration and create a small area of wonder within a room.

Room for your favourite things

Having good storage in your home is important. With Sliderobes, make space for all your favourite things with made-to-measure furniture. Your wardrobe should have a good balance of rails, drawers, and open shelving for your different types of clothing. Make use of the space in your room with a wardrobe designed from floor to ceiling and made to measure for your space. Sliderobes built-in wardrobes hug the corners and love angles, no matter how awkward you think your space might be. 

Fashion first

The New Year is the perfect time to clear out your wardrobe and get rid of those clothes that you never wear! First things first, take everything out of your wardrobe and decide what you want to keep. Next, sort clothes into outfits to make it easier to choose what to wear. Make the most of your wardrobe with Sliderobes wonderful accessories. Add angled shoe shelves, trouser rails and wire baskets to use every inch of space. Be sure to take unwanted clothes and gifts to your local charity shop!

Flying colours

An easy way to revamp a room is to change up your soft furnishings. Add throws or cushions in different colour to spice up your décor. The 2019 Colour of the Year is coral, which evokes feelings of warmth and energy. In the bedroom, adding layers and texture to your bed will add depth to the room as well as show off your personality.

For more inspiration, check out our Instagram or order a Sliderobes brochure for more amazing ideas. Be sure to tag us in any updates you make to your home with #SliderobesTopTips.

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