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Joanna, what inspired this theme?

As we enjoy the brighter seasons, pastel shades are the key to softening your décor and not sacrificing on style. For Tranquillity Treasures, we have selected some stunning pieces based on what we have seen trending in the world of design, fashion and interiors. Our theme this season introduces beautiful soft blues and dusty pinks to bring a fresher, lighter feel to your room. Strong, rich and decadent - these are design trends that came to the fore early in 2018 as we released our ‘Dark and Stormy’ theme, but for spring and summer 2018 we have a softer fresher alternative. One thing to note however is that trends should dominate spaces for the right reasons, and if not handled carefully they can become overpowering.

Why the name, Tranquillity Treasures? 

Simple - this theme captures a peaceful and relaxing retreat to compliment the things you love and treasure! Everything about this collection represents luxury and elegance. The gentle, soothing colour scheme of soft greys, oak wood and pink furnishings help to create the calming sensation we crave in a bedroom, and the opulent soft furnishings help to absorb sound and keep the space quiet, so you can shut out the noise of the world outside and start to unwind.

Could you tell us more about how you styled it? 

We have created two beautiful room sets based around our ongoing theme for 2018 Tranquillity Treasures. With hints of metallic shades, and bold patterns coming through in fashion and home interiors, we have chosen a colour palette and style to highlight what is trending in the world of homes and interiors. Lighter pink and nude tones blend beautifully with our chosen room décor, as seen in the clothes, shoes and accessories in the room sets.
The Tranquillity Treasures master bedroom again shows a stylish yet subtle nod to fashion and interior influences. References to animals in the artwork, ornaments, rug and event textures on the bed are quirky elements reflecting the outdoors and spring and the stunning natural Bardolino Oak finish of the wardrobe also brings in the outdoor element.

Sounds great! Of course, we have to talk about the wardrobes created for this interior – could you elaborate? 

A walk-in wardrobe is the epitome of luxury in a bedroom, and ideal for keeping your space clutter-free (and therefore promoting a calmer, more stress-free environment). You can gain control of your bedroom again and return it to its tranquil state when you have clever storage. Our Tranquillity Treasures walk in wardrobe bedroom shows how we are able to create the most luxurious room within an unusual space. The accent wall has been decorated with a stunning patterned blue wallpaper and adds a strong design whilst framing the bed. It also accentuates the walk-in wardrobe and how it is discretely hidden from the main sleeping area of the bedroom.

At Sliderobes, we know that every client is unique and so is their space. The quality in our product and our attention to detail in design, craftsmanship and professionalism all speak volumes through our reviews and experiences from past and present clients. Our expert designers and friendly team of fitters ensure that your wardrobe is designed around you to suit your exact needs. If you have a room with sloped ceiling, alcoves or any type of awkward space, talk to us and we will create for you the best storage solution possible, and if you are interested in finding out more about our Tranquillity Treasures collection please just ask us – we would love to hear from you.

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