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Meet Joanna, head of Design at Sliderobes Group. 

Joanna joined Sliderobes with over 15 years’ experience in high end residential and commercial interior design, and this creative flair has certainly translated to the commercial side of business, where this interiors project is garnering high praise indeed from customers. As she takes a lot of inspiration from high street fashion and trends, it was only natural that these influences would filter through her work in interiors and result in this iconic room set and its highly covetable collection of accessories.

Joanna, tell us more about this theme - Dark & Stormy

This whole style was conceived after looking at the trends predicted for 2018 for the home interiors market. We spent quite a bit of time researching what was trending in fashion and how that was likely to filter down into the interiors world. People are craving a change – moody, dramatic interiors are becoming much more popular, favoured more over the white and beige minimalism that was popular a few years ago. For this season, we wanted dramatic, dark interiors with lots of reflective texture that will really make an impact in living spaces.

There are three main things we want people to see immediately when they look at this design - richness, quality and luxury, and that’s present everywhere from the choice of accessories to the sliding wardrobe included in the design. We think this Dark & Stormy theme really shows what Sliderobes can offer – it’s opened up a whole new landscape for us and really elevates the Sliderobes brand to new levels of class and sophistication.

We want people to look at this design and feel inspired, and the quality and craftsmanship in this design are in perfect harmony with a lot of our target market’s personality and taste. We specifically wanted to create these little nooks and crannies where people could see them in their own home – if not the full room, then perhaps the textured chair in a reading nook, or the style of the wardrobe interior. It was important for us to create something truly aspirational.

Sounds great – can you tell us about the specific pieces included in this Dark & Stormy room set and how it was styled for maximum impact? 

As for the particulars of the design, we have selected some stunning pieces that are really going to stand out from anything our customers have seen before, starting with a super stylish headboard designed with a mix of textured metallic surfaces alongside geometric brass strips which create such fabulous retro shapes. This piece then merges into the bed which has been dressed with luxurious, dark, textured throws and complimentary cushions. We have accented the bed with opulent bedside lamps which have a brass base, velvet outer shade and a stunning reflective inner.

This style sits beautifully with our high-quality sliding wardrobes which have been designed specifically for this interior style with a dark wood finish and smoked doors – we think it reflects pure elegance and glamour. Dark wood is especially on trend at the moment, thanks to the fashion world’s preference for dark hues, so the end result is a glamorous and fashion-influenced bedroom with clever storage features.

This design creates a modern bedroom with a stylish edge. The smoked glass is an eye-catching addition which allows you to show off the contents of your wardrobe effortlessly. Brass and gold have been used in our Dark & Stormy style, so we have used them as Interior accents and accessories to elevate this rich, luxurious look.

The style compliments our product as it captures its essence which is the importance of quality and craftsmanship - this is what people are craving from their interior furniture. The personality of our product needs to stand out and shine, and by creating interiors where it can do that, you can see it come to life – and picture it in your own home.

What can customers expect to see next? 

This is only the beginning of our exciting journey, and the diversity of our evolving product will take on many shapes, sizes and personalities in the near future. Product development is moving fast at Sliderobes and there are stunning pieces to be launched very soon which will showcase our creativity and forward thinking. As we move into spring, expect to see a whole new range of stylish interior designs that reflect our personality and what trends we are focusing on right now in the world of home design, furnishings and interiors. We urge all customers to keep a close eye on us – this is only the beginning of beautiful things to come.

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