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What were you trying to achieve?

We’d moved into this 1960’s house with a view to completely redesigning it. We wanted to create a five bedroom family house with two bathrooms, incorporating formal areas for entertaining and practical space to relax with our two sons. That involved building over the flat roofed garage and demolishing part of the back of the house to add a two storey glass atrium for the kitchen and dining areas. We wanted the whole effect in our new living area to be light, airy and very contemporary.

Why did you choose Sliderobes?

We wanted to create two distinct areas in the house by having sliding glass doors across the hallway. That partition was also to be a kind of clear window to the far end of the garden. Having a dog though, doors also meant we could keep him where we wanted him!

We needed the doors to be safe – as they say, boys will be boys, and ours can be boisterous! We wanted practicality with style! When we came across Sliderobes – and they were recommended to us - it seemed that they could do everything we needed. The look would be clean and contemporary in line with the overall theme of the house.

How did you make your choices?

We’ve got some strong views on what we wanted. I love a clean and clinical look with the minimum of clutter. Also, we needed one of the doors to be fixed – that one is frosted glass. The other door, which slides, is clear glass.
Safe, sturdy, and practical is what we wanted, combined with good looks and contemporary styling. Sliderobes seemed the perfect solution.

Did your experience of Sliderobes meet your expectations?

Absolutely. That applies to the product itself, and especially, to the service. We were in a fix. It turned out, once the Sliderobes doors were fitted by the builder that the floor wasn’t level, so the door wouldn’t glide as it should.
Sliderobes, who up to that point had merely supplied the doors rather than fitted them, came out three times to help us sort the problem. In the end we needed to have the floor re-laid and the doors re-installed. Sliderobes did everything they could to help us, and at no extra charge.

Would you recommend Sliderobes to your friends?

Very much so. Sliderobes was one of the few suppliers that pulled out all the stops to help us. They were supportive, practical and helpful from the outset.

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