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Snap! The Job's A Game!

Inspiring kids to get organised is no easy task.  But there are things we can do to make the job easier for them. 

To begin with, you’ve got to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  And that means setting an example by the way you organise and keep tidy the other rooms in your house.   

Make it fun for children to get organised and tidy up too.  It’s a well-used mantra but it works well - a place for everything, and everything in its place.  Adequate storage is the key to this, and storage that will grow with the children, not storage that they will grow out of. 

Turn tidying-up into a fun activity for children.  Set them a challenge to see if they can tidy their room within a certain time limit, with a prize or gold star at the end of it. 

Save It, Store It!

When it comes to kids bedrooms, you want something that will be there to store their toy boxes as well as their college certificates, when the time comes. 

A Sliderobes wardrobe can be adapted over the years to provide space for different functions, just make sure you get one that’s big enough - your babies won’t stay small forever and tiny booties will soon turn into massive football boots! 

It’s a good idea to keep some storage options at kiddie level too.  They can learn to hang up their own clothes or put books away on shelves or keep toys in boxes, but only if they can reach them easily.  A low level hanging rail or book/toy shelf can be re-positioned higher as they years ago by.  

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Organising isn’t just about tidying up and organising their surroundings, it’s about organising their time too.  Another much-loved saying is ‘tidy desk, tidy mind.’  So when it comes to kids homework, make sure they have suitable space on which to do it - a clean work surface, whether it’s a proper desk or a kitchen table will help to focus their mind on the task in hand.   

Motivating the children to lead more organised lives will have benefits not just for them, but for the whole family. 

If you have adequate storage, those mornings when there’s a panic because they can’t find their homework, gym kits and art projects will soon be a thing of the past. 

Instead of telling them to go and tidy their rooms of an evening, you can ask them nicely to tidy their Sliderobes - a much more fun and attractive proposition.  

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