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Here are five Sliderobes tips to help maintain a clutter-free home:

  1. 1. Re-evaluate your storage at home. Have you maximised all available space? Remember about those unused corners and awkward spaces.


    2. If you buy something new, then throw or give away something old.


    3. A quick tidy of the home at the end of each day will set you up with a clear head for the next day. Put magazines, kid’s toys and clothes in their rightful places to avoid clutter.


    4. A weekly clean will keep your home sparkling fresh and free from clutter as before you clean, any clutter will be put in its place or removed.


    5. Enjoy inviting people round more. Entertaining guests will automatically make you want to keep your house cleaning routine in order.  

Clutter can take over if we don’t keep on top of it, and nobody likes the idea of a friend or relative calling round when the home doesn’t feel perfect. Avoid the embarrassment by knowing you have a place for everything by maximising your space and room for storage.

See how you could maximise your storage space at home with Sliderobes. SImply fill in our quick form to book a free design consultation in the comfort of your home or give your local showroom a call today.

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