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So, why and how to use Sliderobes new mood boards? 

Here, we ask Sliderobes’ Head of Design, Joanna Azevedo;

“A mood board can be made up of many resources.  These resources include anything that can help form a creative decision and vision for any project… colours, shapes, and textures. The thought process at the start of any project can be messy and extensive. The use of mood boards help to refine this process by putting all ideas into one clear space. Every designer can relate to that client who needs help to visualise the direction of the design.  Mood boards allows the designer to create an overall look and feel for the client to understand, while exciting them about where project could go. 

The importance of mood boards ensures that the designer is not just telling, but showing the client the creative journey that they can go on, to create the perfect look. Collaborating both professional and personal opinions ensures their design is on the right track. The aim of this process it to combine the client’s own tastes with the experience of our designer. The mood board stimulates ideas and helps the client consider the entire look and feel of the room, rather than just one element. This wider view always creates a more complete and exciting end result.”

After extensive research into industry trends for autumn 2018, Sliderobes can now reveal an array of beautiful concepts, sure to spark off your emotions and interior décor indulges. We encourage you to be inspired by our designs; a beautiful blend of colours, textures and ideas that complement our wardrobe finishes, doors and interiors.
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