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"The KonMari Method™ is named after the Japanese tidying guru and best-selling author, Marie Kondo. Marie has written several best-selling books, 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' and 'Spark Joy'. In January 2019, Netflix featured the highly successful series - 'Tidying up with Marie Kondo' which followed eight families as they completed their KonMari™ journey with support from Marie.

Most people have too much stuff, and we don’t know where to start in order to reduce the amount. Traditional tidying methods advocate tidying little by little or room-by-room and, while it works for a day or so, there is usually rebound. The KonMari Method™ is a once-only event and if done correctly it need not be repeated. It encourages tidying by category – not by location – and following a particular order. Beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and, finally, sentimental items. 

Clients embark on their KonMari™ journey because their homes and businesses just aren’t working for them. They often tell me they were afraid of starting this process because they were nervous about having to discard belongings. KonMari™ is different, it places the emphasis on keeping the items that you love and which spark joy. 

KonMari™ reframes your relationship with your belongings which mean you value your things and appreciate what you already have. In essence, you find out which items you really love, you concentrate on them and discard the rest. People around the world have been drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness but also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-thinking.

I completed my own KonMari journey several years ago and as a result of the KonMari™ process everything in my home now sparks joy. It is easy to keep tidy and every item I love now has its place - a forever home. My spending habits changed and I don’t panic buy or get caught up in a bargain. I only ever buy something now if I truly love it. That’s a win-win for me."

To help you start your KonMari journey, click here to print your own Sliderobes KonMari checklist that will help your declutter and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

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