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Inspiration Blog

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Simple updates for your home this summer

Flowers are in bloom, the nights are bright and the days are hot; it's safe to say the summer has (finally) arrived. It may have just begun, but much like the weekend, we know it can pass too quickly. So how can you make the most of summer?

How to make your kitchen more organised

Often regarded as the busiest room in the home, your kitchen reflects both your mindset and your entire house. Having a messy kitchen can be more than just irritating, it drains life from your home and feels like a no-go space.

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Space-saving tips for small bedrooms

For those living in a humble home, this is the perfect advice for saving space in your bedroom. We have storage tips that will help you maximise storage space and keep your room looking great.

How to: minimalist home decor

In the last decade minimalist design has taken British and Irish homes by storm and there’s no sign of the trend going out of fashion soon. In this Sliderobes Inspiration Blog, we offer advice on embracing minimalism in your home and advise how you can cut through the clutter.

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Your guide to a stress-free bedroom

When asked to think of our happy place, many people begin drifting off to tropical islands and childhood holiday destinations, but in reality how often do we visit these places?

Modern Vs Traditional Furniture

In this Inspiration Blog post we look at how your furniture selections affect your home. We also explore the challenges presented by both modern and traditional furniture and how you can strike the perfect balance in your home.

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