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We have compiled some handy frequently asked questions about fitted furniture, how we can work to create your dream storage and much more.

How much do Sliderobes cost?

We don’t list prices for our Sliderobes fitted furniture, as each piece of furniture is individually customised to you. The final price depends on the size of your furniture, door finishes and interior layouts, so only the designer can provide an exact price. However, if you have a rough idea of the finish you’d like, and the necessary measurements for your fitted wardrobes or built-in furniture, please get in touch or pop into your nearest showroom. We will be happy to give you an estimated quote, indicating the range that you could be likely to pay.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, all of our Sliderobes fitted wardrobes are guaranteed for 10 years - including doors, door running systems, fitted furniture interiors, accessories (excluding any electrical or LED accessories which are guaranteed for a period of 2 years) and free-standing furniture. We will replace or repair any item covered by this guarantee - completely free of charge. Visit our 10-year guarantee section for more information or call us to learn more.

Do Sliderobes offer matching free-standing furniture?

Yes, at Sliderobes, find the perfect match for your fitted wardrobe with our range of matching free-standing furniture. When you place your order, be sure to talk to our team about the wide range of complementary bedside cabinets, drawers and dressing tables.

Can your designer advise me on wardrobe finishes and storage options?

That's a definite yes. Sliderobes designers are experts in all things related to wardrobe design and materials, and it can be dificult to get them to talk about anything else!

What if my furniture is being fitted around electrical sockets?

If we are fitting your furniture in front of existing electrical sockets, please remember to remove all faceplates from those sockets and have the wires made safe by an electrician before the fitter arrives. Our fitters will not touch electrics, so please seek advice from an electrician before you proceed.

I already have sliding door wardrobes. Can you supply me with wheels?

Sadly, we can’t offer wheels for sliding door wardrobes purchased elsewhere, as all company's tracks are different.

Can I get a price quote over the telephone or in the showroom?

Providing an exact space without seeing your space is tricky, but if you have an idea of what you are looking for, we can provide you with a ball-park estimate, after asking you a few simple questions about the type of fitted furniture you need, the size of your space and the finishes you have in mind. One of the things that sets Sliderobes apart from the crowd is that everything we provide is bespoke. Each element of your fitted furniture or bespoke storage solution, from its look and size to interior accessories, can be tailored to your needs and your budget. This means that, in order to provide you with an exact price, we will need to visit your home and design your bespoke fitted furniture to your exact specifications. Once you meet with our designer, you will have the chance to experiment with different materials and finishes and compare costs, to help you find the perfect storage solution.

How long will I have to wait before a designer can visit me?

We can normally send one of our experienced designers to conduct a detailed room survey in a few days, depending on availability.

How long will a design appointment take on the day?

Our design appointments include a full, detailed survey of your space, which will normally take around 2- 2.5 hours. The length of the appointment will depend on the intricacies of your design and how many rooms you are designing.

Can I buy wardrobe doors separately?

Yes, our sliding doors are available to purchase individually. The collection includes a wide variety of colours, materials and finishes to choose from, and our Sliderobes team will be happy to advise you on your perfect fit.

Can we get fitted furniture built in or around a corner?

Yes, at Sliderobes, we pride ourselves on being able to install fitted wardrobes into unusual spaces. We offer bespoke solutions for sloping ceilings, chimney breasts and alcoves as well.

Can I pay using finance?

Finance options are available at most of our locations - your designer will advise you on all of the options available to you.

Can Sliderobes design my wardrobe or fitted furniture if our room hasn’t been built yet?

Of course! At Sliderobes, our designers can work from your plans and design a solution for you as if the room was already built. This is a great way to help you visualise your space in the early stages of planning, and we might even be able to suggest some tweaks to your plans to help you maximise your storage space. Once the room has been built, we will send a designer to the site and get exact measurements. However, provided the measurements don’t differ too much from the original plan, the price will not change.

Can I have different finishes on my doors?

Yes, we offer a wide range of colours, materials, finishes and accessories for our fitted furniture, to help you create your very own personalised design that suits your style, tastes and preferences

How long will it take to install my wardrobe?

Depending on the size of your project, it can take one of our experienced fitters to install anything between half a day and a few days. Our team can advise you on this once you finalise your design.

I want fitted furniture that goes around a corner. Can Sliderobes do that?

Yes, Sliderobes offers a variety of fitted wardrobe solutions that go across or around a corner, including both internal and external corners. All you need is to have at least 1.5 metres of wall on either side. As we don’t use “corner posts”, you can be sure that your Sliderobes wardrobe will provide maximum storage space, optimising every available centimetre. We even offer an innovative curved hanging rail that fits around a corner - how clever is that?

Do you offer walk-in wardrobes?

Yes we do! Walk-in wardrobes can be designed with sliding, hinged or bifold wardrobe doors, or even without doors. You can also select almost any configuration of interiors and storage solutions to meet your needs- your designer will help you to design the perfect solution, as well as helping you to find a colour and finish that works best for you and your space.

What is the lead time for fitted furniture?

Generally, the lead time from placing an order to having your new Sliderobes fitted is 10-12 weeks. This will vary depending on the materials chosen and design, but your designer will be able to offer advice on this once your design is confirmed.

What is the smallest width of sliding doors on offer?

Our smallest sliding doors are 500mm wide for a single panel.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

At Sliderobes, we offer a competitive price for quality, bespoke furniture, all year round. We don’t believe in fad sales and huge discounts every few weeks. When you design your made-to-measure furniture with Sliderobes, our 3D computer software calculates individual prices based on your own bespoke unit. Certain materials cost more than others, so be sure to experiment with different styles and wardrobe finishes until you find the one you love at a price that’s affordable.

Is there a maximum height?

As we offer a bespoke service, there is no maximum height requirement for Sliderobes. However, our designers will advise you on which solutions work best for larger doors

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