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Terms & Conditions

Trade Mark

Sliderobes are the registered owners of the trade mark SLIDEROBES/SLIDE ROBES in the UK and Ireland. This registration has been effective since 10 March 1990. Any unauthorised use of a mark which is identical with, or similar to, our trade mark in connection with goods that are identical with, or similar to, represents a trade mark infringement in accordance to section 10 of the Trade Marks Act 1994 and section 14 of the Trade Marks Act 1996 in the UK and Ireland respectively. This offence exists when our registered trade mark is used without our consent. Any offence will be referred to our solicitors with instructions to commence legal proceedings.


Sliderobes has full copyright over all images on this website, including the design and layout of the website itself. The authors of the Sliderobes images contained within this website have assigned copyright to Sliderobes or have agreed to unrestricted use by Sliderobes. On no account must these images be used by any third party for any purpose without the permission from Sliderobes.

Reprographic & Descriptive Accuracy

Sliderobes take every care to ensure that the colours shown in this brochure are accurate. However, slight variations may occur due to print production limitations and screen size limitations. We also strive to provide clear, unambiguous and accurate information in all our product descriptions.

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