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1. Vaze, Vaz, Vauze

However you might pronounce it, placing a beautiful vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table will instantly make any room or living space more inviting and give it an organic feel.

2. A Statement Piece

Accessorise your coffee table with some art. Perhaps a stylish bowl, plate or eye-catching sculpture. It will add interest and extra flair to the surface of the table.

3. Tray Chic

Many interior stylists use decorative trays to create a display. This could hold a vase of flowers with simply two espresso cups waiting for your next visitor. This elegant presentation draws you in.

4. Coffee Table Book

Think big. A coffee table book is usually a large hard-cover book. It should be something to inspire you or your guests, a simple pictorial book that triggers conversation or helps pass the time.

5. Candlelight Calmness

A candle is a great decorative accent for your coffee table. The flicker of the flame and the low lighting provided by candlelight creates a cosy, moody ambience of relaxation and calm. Choose a scented one to add a pleasant fragrance to your room.

Have you read our Gather Round blog about the importance of a coffee table in a living space? Our new luxury Sliderobes coffee table has a stunning collection of glass top options and other features, designed with you in mind. For more information, get in touch.

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