How to Elevate Your Walk-In Wardrobe

The best walk-in wardrobes are those that are well equipped. At Sliderobes, we combine style, luxury and functionality to create an expertly designed sanctuary for your clothes.

1. Lighting

Lighting creates a high-end look for storage, illuminating your favourite clothing or handbag collection. Soft lighting is calming and creates a soothing ambience while getting ready for the day. At Sliderobes, you can choose from PIR sensor lighting, integrated LED lighting or surface-mounted lighting. 

2. Island 

Why not add a bespoke island that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your walk-in wardrobe?  All of our complementary furniture can be tailored to your wardrobe design, including finishes and handles. Islands offer plenty of counter space for folding or laying out clothes and drawers which can be customised with jewellery trays. 

3. Smart Accessories

One of the main benefits of having a walk-in wardrobe is that it will improve your organisation. Our wide range of wardrobe accessories, such as trouser rails, pull-down rails, and shoe shelves, takes your organisation to the next level. These smart accessories allow you to access, organise, and maintain your clothes with little effort. 

Are you ready to design a walk-in wardrobe that features style, functionality, and an added touch of elegance? Meet with your local Sliderobes designer in the comfort of your home, book a free design visit and explore the possibilities with Sliderobes. 

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