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Sliderobes can transform any room or space into a home office, here are some of our top tips to help organise your home office

Love it or hate it, it looks like working from home is here to stay, and the home office is set to become a permanent fixture in most homes. In the past few years, our bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen tables have all played host to office equipment, but thanks to Sliderobes, this could all be in the past. Sliderobes can transform any room or suitable space into a home office that works just as effectively as you. With a range of home office furniture and smart storage solutions, we can help create a practical and functional space for remote working that fits with your interiors and seamlessly blends into your home.

Here are some of our top tips to help organise your home office.

Make Use Of Any Available Space

Not every home has a dedicated space that can be transformed to create a more traditional home office - and this is exactly where Sliderobes can help. Our bespoke fitted furniture can help you to create a home office design that makes use of any available space in your home, from a small, sloped space to an asymmetrical alcove. Fitted furniture works with the angles of your home, creating a design that feels part of the room. 

For example, your unused corner could be transformed into a small desk space, with fitted drawers or shelves for your paperwork and office supplies. 

Conceal Desk Space & Cupboards

Want to say goodbye to work at the end of the day? Thanks to fitted storage, you can do exactly that!

With the help of fitted storage, a desk and some simple drawers and shelves could sit alongside your wardrobe in your bedroom or spare room.. Simply open or slide the door at the start of the working day, and when that clock strikes 5PM, simply close the door and hide all evidence of working from home!

Maximise Storage & Minimise Clutter

A tidy desk means a tidy mind, and with the help of our home office storage solutions, that’s exactly what you can achieve. 

Our home office storage ideas include floor-to-ceiling library units, with a selection of shelves for books, and deep drawers to keep important documents and files safe, and office supplies neat and tidy. You could even disguise your shelves and drawers behind sleek sliding doors, keeping clutter at bay, with space for everything you need to work efficiently. 

Combine Work & Chill

Don’t want to dedicate a space in your home entirely to working from home? We’ve got the perfect home office solutions for you. 

At Sliderobes, our team can help you to create a multifunctional home office layout that combines your business needs with those simple home comforts. One of our recent projects saw a couple who both work from home, and needed a space that could easily accommodate both working from home at the same time. They wanted two desks, enough storage for their office supplies, and a space that could also be used to relax and chill together. 

Their solution of a double desk, a deep window seat for a coffee break, and a combination of open shelves and deep drawers allowed them to switch between work and play, simply by closing a couple of drawers! 

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