Five Tips To Help You Work Effectively From Home

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Working remotely is something more and more of us are getting used to. Some benefits include flexible hours, more time spent with family, less time and money spent commuting and no office distractions! Here are Sliderobes five tips to help you work more effectively from home:

 Set A Routine

 It’s essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Create a daily schedule. Get up at a specific time, take breaks and have lunch. Then, know when it is time to turn off and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Create A Space To Work

Whether you have a whole room to spare or a living area you’d like to make multifunctional, a home office can fit into your home life easier than you thought. At Sliderobes, we design stylish fitted storage and working spaces that allow you and your family to live, work and entertain.

Create Boundaries

Suppose you have children or any other company in the house when you are working, set rules, so they know not to disturb you. Your home office should be a comfortable yet productive space.

Stay Connected

It’s important that you stay in contact with colleagues to reduce feelings of loneliness or disconnect. Make calls or video calls via FaceTime or Skype.

Go Outside!

Remote workers are most likely people working at screens. Make sure you get up from your desk and away from the screen throughout the day. Enjoy your mid-morning tea break outside in the garden in natural daylight. Make evening plans or go for a walk so that you leave your house. Make sure you move!

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