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built in living room furniture
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built in living room furniture
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Sliderobes have living room inspiration to suit everyone, including living room decor and storage ideas and freestanding furniture to tie your room together.

From cosy to contemporary, minimalist to bold and colourful, your living room should reflect both your personality and lifestyle. Most people spend a huge portion of their home life in their living room, and with this in mind, we think this is one room that should have the decor and furniture of your dreams. 

Whether your living room is small and compact, spacious, open-plan or even a shared living room and office space, we have living room inspiration to suit everyone, including living room decor and storage ideas and freestanding furniture to tie your room together. 

Combine Function & Style With Fitted Shelves & Storage

Would you like a living room that combines practicality and style? Our fitted furniture open units provide a wealth of space for both living room decor and storage. What’s more, our bespoke open storage units can be designed entirely to your specifications and are extremely versatile. 

Some people may wish to incorporate a drinks cabinet to entertain guests; whilst others might prefer to display their favourite trinkets and memories across a selection of uniquely designed open shelving units. Minimalists might even take a step further, with sleek sliding doors that will create a statement finish, whilst also making everyday clutter, like books and DVDs, disappear. Whatever your needs, we can create a solution that works for you and your family. 

Media Storage

One way to create a beautiful feature in your living space is to install a bespoke,  built-in media unit, making your television the focal point of your living space.

Our made-to-measure media units are invaluable to any living room design, can be created to suit all shapes and sizes and feature a selection of bookshelves, open display shelves and drawers. Once again, you can even take advantage of our sliding doors in your living room design, which will disguise all traces of technology from your room until you’re ready to kick back with a movie. 

Complete Your Space With A Coffee Table

No living room is complete without a stylish centrepiece, and our collection of freestanding furniture is a great source of living room inspiration!  

Not only is a coffee table a great spot for a vase of flowers, ornament, or collection of your favourite books, but it also makes your living room a more functional space that you and your family can enjoy. Just like the rest of our furniture, Sliderobes’ coffee tables are designed entirely around you from the size, to the choice of handles and the beautiful finish on top. 

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