Replacement Sliding Doors by Sliderobes

Give Your Wardrobe a New Lease of Life

Replacing the doors on your sliding wardrobe is an excellent, cost-effective way of refreshing your space and updating your wardrobe design with minimal disruption. We can replace the doors of your sliding wardrobe without changing the internal storage behind to give your room a fresh new look.

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1. What if I Don’t Have a Sliderobes Wardrobe?

That’s no problem! If your sliding wardrobe is not a Sliderobes product we will simply replace the top and bottom tracks, plus the doors. Our sliding door system is made using German-engineered components and durable materials, ensuring your new doors will last for many years to come. 


2. Can I Customise Replacement Sliding Doors?

Yes, all of our sliding doors are tailored to suit your needs and budget. First choose your sliding door style which includes single panel, multi-panel and special finish doors. Then select the perfect finish that matches your home aesthetic, or combine finishes like glass and mirror or smooth board and woodgrains. 


3. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 10-year guarantee on all Sliderobes sliding doors. All Sliderobes products are built using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each piece of your new fitted furniture is handcrafted on-site by our specialist team. You can trust us to deliver both style and durability. 


Ready to update your sliding wardrobe design? Your local Sliderobes designer can meet you in the comfort of your own home. Book a design appointment today and let us show you what's possible with your home design. 

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