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Is your wardrobe full of clothes you no longer wear? Or, maybe you can't place your hands on that pretty top you bought about a month ago? It's in there somewhere! Alarm bells are ringing that now it's time to declutter.

Getting Started

Get four cardboard boxes at the ready and try our 'Four Box Challenge.' Filling these four labelled boxes is a really effective clear out challenge, forcing us to make decisions on the spot about what to keep and throw away. Use your wardrobe as a starting point to identify the clutter.

Box 1: Bin It

For items you don't need or want to see again, throw them out. Old magazines, shopping bags and clothes that can't be donated need to go. Worn out, broken or damaged items you still haven't managed to get repaired should be binned. Clear your mind and place in the Bin It box.

Box 2: Donate It

When an item is not damaged and still very much useable, place it in the Donate It box. This box is for the items that you think someone else could use - perhaps a friend or the charity shop.

Box 3: Keep It

Keep any items that you regularly wear, use or need. Find space in your wardrobe for these things exactly where you see fit. Use this opportunity to coordinate your clothes. Show off your great style, making getting ready so much more fun!

Box 4: Store It                        

For items you just can't part with, but don't need every day, place it in storage. This box could be housed in the attic or if there is enough space on a shelf in your wardrobe. Be sure it is a space that is less intrusive.

Declutter Your Life

Once you have successfully completed the 'Four Box Challenge', your bedroom should feel like a more organised and tranquil space to get dressed, sleep and relax!

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