Which fitted wardrobes are right for me? 5 different scenarios and solutions

The beauty of Sliderobes is that all of our designs are customer-centric.  Your needs, in terms of storage, style and functionality are at the forefront of our creations, so that you end up with a piece of furniture that truly serves you.

When you book a consultation with a Sliderobes designer, we’ll spend time listening to your specific needs and answering your questions about what kind of fitted furniture best suits which space.

And here are some of the most common scenarios that pop up, with our recommended solutions. 

1. Which wardrobes work best in a small space?

Floor to ceiling mirror wardrobes are best suited to a small room. They not only maximise space vertically but the mirror creates the illusion of a larger space. We also suggested opting for sliding doors which take up less space than hinged doors when opened?

2. What about a large space?

If you have a large space to play with, we like to suggest a mix of storage to add some interest. For example, if you want a fitted wardrobe against a wide wall in a bedroom, you might want to pair a sliding wardrobe with rails inside, next to a slimmer hinged wardrobe that has lots of shelf and drawer storage. 

In a living area, an integrated media unit can look incredible against a large wall. You can have library shelving around a TV and above some nice deep drawers. Lighting within the shelves can also take the look to the next level.

3. What kind of options do you have with a sloped ceiling?

When you have an awkward or unusual space, fitted furniture is hands down the right solution as you can work with the shape, rather than against it so you don’t lose or waste any space. You have tons of options too but generally, for a sloped ceiling, a nice sliding wardrobe tends to look neatest and gives you the most storage space.

4. A spare room where storage needs to be top priority

When you have a spare room in your home, it very quickly becomes a dumping ground for random items that don’t have their own place. Before you know it, there are boxes, bags and suitcases all over the floor. To combat this, without losing out on the storage that a spare room can offer - turn it into a ‘walk-in wardrobe’ or ‘dressing room’ that has a good mix of storage options - such as rails for clothing, coats or seasonal items, as well as deep drawers and shelves for miscellaneous items. 

5. When you need a multifunctional room

When you have a bedroom that doubles as a home office, most people end up buying a wardrobe and a desk separately, that do not match, make the room look messy and don’t offer storage solutions that are bespoke to your needs. 

Sliderobes, however, can create custom desks and home office furniture that perfectly matches your wardrobe or fitted bedroom furniture, using the same material, finish and details such as door handles. Making your furniture choices look intentional and cohesive makes a world of difference to how you feel about your space.

If you want to talk to an expert to get advice on what kind of fitted furniture will work best in your space, for your needs, you can book a FREE, no obiligation appointment with a Sliderobes designer here


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