3 Key Home Trends For 2023

If you have some big plans to transform your home in the year ahead, stay ahead of the curve with these three design trends that promise to be key in 2023.

1. Function over form

Functionality and durability drive design direction in 2023. From Interchangeable and repairable parts to materials that stand the test of time, performance is key. When it comes to home improvement, we’re investing more in quality materials that bring joy and last.


2. Create your own garden utopia

Nature brings colour to urban areas, and pockets of greens in all shades are being seen amongst the grey. Homeowners strive to bring the outside in to create little Edens of their own. lush Interiors full of texture are reminiscent of gorgeous eco-resorts making consumers feel cocooned in a natural paradise.


3. Favouring our little friends

Design direction in 2023 is also very pet friendly. Clever storage solutions keep pet products tucked out of site when not in use, enjoying the best of both worlds; sleek interiors that also happen to consider the needs of their little friends.

If you want some expert advice on adding fitted furniture to your home, book an appointment with one of our designers and they’ll talk you through the trends, materials and colour palettes to suit your style and needs.  

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