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With more and more of us spending time at home, the living room has become our place of relaxation in the evening. Here are Sliderobes top tips for an elegant and modern living space.

Plan For Success

Consider an open plan layout. An open-plan design creates a sense of spaciousness. Be sure to have a complementary design scheme to give the space uniformity. Consider a similar colour scheme for the dining and living spaces to tie everything together.

In Neutral

Choose a neutral colour palette. Soft, calm, earthy tones reflect maximum light and make spaces feel larger. If the scheme feels too sparse, break it up by adding pops of colour with accent walls or with soft furnishings. Make sure all colours complement each other.

Let There Be Light

Bring the natural light in! Natural light and fresh air make spaces feel bright, airy and larger. Sliding glass doors and partition walls with floor to ceiling glazing will help bring the outside in.

Sleek Peek

Choose minimal furniture pieces. Textures may include materials like leather, brass, marble or natural fabrics. Avoid ornate furniture to prevent clutter.

All Natural

Choose natural materials. Wood, bamboo and stone add warmth to your space and are sustainable too. These can be incorporated in wall accents, furniture and flooring in your living room, giving it that modern feel that is warm and inviting.

Declutter Your Life

Keep your living room clutter-free with built-in furniture, designed just for your requirements. Store anything that doesn’t need to be seen or used every day. Design a tv media unit with storage to provide that clutter-free living room

Go For Gold

Add metallic finishing touches. Create that high-end modern décor with metallic finishes that finishes can be used in mirrors, accessories, lights, cabinets, wardrobes, handles, tables and more!

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