Making The Most Of Sloped Ceilings

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Sliderobes wardrobe solutions for sloping ceiling help to make the most of the space available and bring your room to life.

Is your sloped ceiling creating a storage nightmare? It doesn’t have to - in fact, with the help of Sliderobes wardrobe solutions for sloping ceilings, you could make the most of the space available and bring your room to life!

At Sliderobes, our built in storage is totally bespoke and made-to-measure, meaning that we will work with you to create a space that fits your interiors, lifestyle and personality. Here are some of our top storage ideas for sloped ceilings.

Fitted Wardrobes Beneath A Sloped Ceiling

The wonderful thing about our bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they fit seamlessly into whatever space you have available. For example, a slanted room with a skylight might make your wall too short for taller freestanding wardrobes. However, with Sliderobes, wasted space beneath the slopes can be made functional with fitted storage, using hanging and shelf storage to provide ample space for everything. This is a great example of a simple wardrobe solution for sloping ceilings.

Work With The Angles, Not Against Them

Fitted Sliderobes wardrobes are by far the best way to get maximum storage space out of unusual angles. Rather than confining your wardrobe to the rectangular space you have available, our built-in-wardrobes can be made to measure, fitting seamlessly along your sloped ceiling to make the most of the space you have available. Not only will this improve the overall look of the room, but it could also provide you with extra hanging space for clothes, with those angled nooks making the perfect spot for storing your favourite handbags or shoes.

Add Built-In Furniture 

Still worried about how to fill that unusual sloped corner in your living room or bedroom? Why not consider adding some built-in furniture for something a little different? Our built-in storage solutions include bespoke bookshelves, shelving units and even display cabinets. What was once a wasted corner of your room, could quickly become a cosy spot to display family photos, trinkets and other treasured items, whilst making the most of every inch of the available space. 

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