4 Ways to Transform Your Home with Sliding Doors

Looking for an easy, stress-free way to upgrade your bedroom, living room or dining room? Sliding doors are a multi-functional furniture option that not only creates new spaces in your home but also provides optimal storage. Here are four ways you can upgrade your home with Sliderobes bespoke sliding doors.

1. Walk-In Wardrobe

Ever dreamed of having your very own walk-in wardrobe? With Sliderobes, you can easily create a separate area in your master or spare bedroom, where a sliding door can actually lead to a walk-in wardrobe, fully customised with your favourite wardrobe accessories. All of our sliding doors are made-to-measure and you can choose from our entire range of finishes, including special, shaker and premium woodgrains. 

2. Room Divider

A sliding door room divide is a cost-effective way to create new spaces in your home without the stress of a time-consuming building project. Do you need a peaceful place to work, relax or catch up on your favourite series? Sliderobes sliding doors can quickly turn a family room into a cosy snug and a functional home office, or split a dining area from the TV living space. 

3. Built-In Shelving

Is your living space constantly cluttered with everyday items? Restore order in the busy areas of your home by adding a sliding door to your built-in shelving. You can easily conceal the TV when you're hosting friends and family or neatly tuck away precious glassware and cutlery until your next celebration! 


4. Replacement Wardrobe Doors

Tired of your outdated wardrobe design? Do you want to refresh your sliding wardrobe without changing the internal storage? Work with a Sliderobes designer to give your wardrobe a facelift with our bespoke sliding doors. Don't worry if you don't have a Sliderobes wardrobe, we will simply replace the tracks with our highly durable German-engineered system. Installation is quick, easy and free!

Pop down to your nearest Sliderobes showroom and chat with our expert team about our range of sliding door options. Or, book a free, no-obligation design visit where one of our professional designers will visit you at home and bring your sliding door designs to life in 3D using state-of-the-art technology.


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