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You'll need:

Wrapping paper
Double-sided tape
Glue dots (optional)
Gift tags
Embellishments (optional)

Step One


First things first… find the perfect wrapping paper. Choose from block colours, shiny metallics and festive glitters. Once you’ve chosen your paper, find a tag that matches the colour scheme. It’s important to write the tag first, so you know who the present is for after it’s wrapped!

Top tip: Use leftover wallpaper to wrap your presents. That way, your gift wrap will instantly match your décor whilst under the tree.

Step Two


Place your present in the middle of the gift wrap and use a pencil to mark where to cut on the inside of the paper. Set your present aside and cut your paper. Once you’ve made the cut, it’s time to bring the present back and set it in the middle of the paper.

Top tip: The most common problem when wrapping presents is having too much paper, so make sure to measure only what you need.

Step Three


It’s time to start taping. Lift one edge of the paper and cover the top of the present. Take the other side and meet at the edge. In order to make your gift wrap look professional, use double-sided tape. This will create a clean edge and add a touch of luxe!

Top tip: Get the perfect edge to the present by creasing the sides.

Step Four


Next, we need to cover the ends. Start with one side and tuck the wrapping paper in towards the middle. Be sure to crease to get a smooth edge. This will leave a flap of paper. Lift the flap towards the middle. To get the perfect ‘v’, fold the paper back and cut in a straight line. Use double sided sticky tape to secure it in place. Repeat on the other end and, that’s it – your present is wrapped!

Top Tip: If using glitter paper, use glue dots to make your wrapping extra secure.

Step Five


Now for the fun part – ribbons and embellishments. Pick a ribbon that fits your colour scheme, or for an extra pop, pick a contrasting shade. For added glam, use peacock feathers, glitzy broaches or even a candy cane. Keep embellishments in place with the ribbon, or use more tape to make it extra secure!

Top tip: Hang a Christmas ornament from the ribbon to give a little extra gift.

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