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A Separate Space

Do you have a separate room that you use for working from home? If not, create a dedicated space in your living or dining room. Sliderobes can help turn a room into a multi-functional space. With bespoke, built-in furniture, you can have storage that can be cleverly tucked away or hidden behind closed doors at the end of a long day.

Clear Desk, Clear Mind

Keep your desk area clear of clutter. At the end of each working day, file away any paperwork that's sitting on your desk. Put away pens, pencils, staplers and any other stationery. You will want to start each day with a clear desk, so by sorting it in the evening, you'll be starting each day with a blank canvas.

Tidy Those Drawers

It can be very easy to throw things into drawers at the end of day... but when you next go to find that important document, it might not be so easy! We recommend keeping your drawers and shelves neat and tidy. If you have a lot of filing to do, consider keeping one drawer for documents, one for stationery, and one for your laptop and keyboard. That way at the end of each evening you can tidy away your work things and use the space for relaxing with a good book!

Stylish Shelves

Keep your shelves neat and tidy! Add a bit of your personality to your room by displaying some of your favourite things. Add a plant to bring the outdoors in, add photographs of your friends and family, or maybe show off some of your awards and achievements.

Two's Company

Why not create a home office that allows two people to work together, sharing the same space? We designed a beautiful home office with a large desk that allows two people to work at each side. 

For more home inspiration, check out some of our beautiful home offices.

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