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Unique To You

Individuality is the main focus for 2020. At Sliderobes, we know that your home is unique to you. Our expert designers can create the perfect living space, just for you and your family's needs. Made-to-measure built-in furniture in your living space can be both practical and stylish. Hideaway the television, incorporate a drinks cabinet and make the everyday clutter like books and DVDs disappear!

Keep It Natural

This season mixes neutrals with pops of colour, with vibrant, earthy shades add-ing personality and depth. Desert shades such as terracotta, sand and beige are popular, as we aim to create grounding environments where we can truly disconnect. Trend towards cleansing the interior palette with a woody, calm and natural relaxed styling.

Make A Statement

Use pops of colour to create a feature wall in your living room. This adds interest and adds depth to your space. Add layers with cushions, throws and rugs to create a sense of warmth. Use textures to 

Go Big

Select oversized furniture to embrace the cocooning trend in upholstery. Generous cushioning to emphasize relaxation and escapism from the outside world! Mix and match accessories will offer the opportunity to have a little fun and inject personality to your space!

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