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This is where JOMO comes in. The ‘Joy of Missing Out’ is a powerful mind-set that allows us to turn off from the outside world and enjoy time to ourselves without worrying about what is going on around us. The idea is that you choose to do something alternative during this time that you know you will enjoy.

This could be:

Taking a relaxing bath

Reading a book

Organising your home

Watching a TV show

Catching up on sleep

Being creative

Write a journal

Whatever you choose to do instead, make it something you love. JOMO most often happens in the comforts of our home so make sure you have the perfect place to go home to. A calm and tidy home environment will help you relax and enjoy whatever activity you have decided to do. Avoid using social media or thinking about work.

It’s time to embrace JOMO!

Check out some of our home storage ideas that will make your home clutter free and give you the perfect organised and tidy space to relax.

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