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We chat to Sliderobes designer, Pól about his recommendations for some interior layouts.

“A well-designed wardrobe is an essential part of keeping an organised and comfortable bedroom," says Pól

"I encourage clients to share with me what clothes they have, whether that’s long dresses, shirts, lots of shoes and so on. I can then recommend accessories that would create the perfect storage just for them.”

Our Sliderobes Olympus CAD software allows our designers to use your room measurements to create your perfect storage solution.  They can then show you 3D images to help you visualise exactly how your new wardrobe would fit and look. 

Take a look at our four example interior layout images.

Off The Rails

Does anyone ever have enough hanging space?  At Sliderobes we have lots of clever ideas to give you more storage.  You'll need at least 60cm depth for hanging space for a bedroom wardrobe.   If you have a tall room why double your hanging space with two rails - one above the other?  

Pól’s advice would be to, “Hang relative items near each other - tops over trousers, shirts next to jackets. This keeps everything easy to find. When I design a corner wardrobe for a client, I add in Sliderobes curved corner robe rail which allows for even more space for hung items.” Fitted floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall wardrobes, as shown in these examples, are a great way to maximise space.

Drawers Galore

Two or three narrow drawers within a wardrobe are perfect to store belongings you don’t want on display such as underwear or nightwear. Wider drawers are great for other small items that can be folded such as tops and sportswear.

"At Sliderobes, it is not all about practicalities - the look of the wardrobe counts too. Choose stylish handles that complement and complete the look of your wardrobe!” - Pól.

The Value Of Shelves

Shelves are a great interior option for a number of reasons. They are cost effective to include and folded items take up a lot less space than hanging - so great if you don't have a lot of space.  Shelves are also great for boxes, hats, bags, shoes - the list goes on. They can also break up space within a wardrobe! “I have customers who have asked for a shelf to prop a photo frame on or for somewhere to display their favourite jewellery box,” - Pól. 

Practical and Premium Pull-Out Accessories

We have shown a variety of Sliderobes pull-out accessories in these examples, from wire baskets to trouser rails and shoe rails. Our tiered shoe rails neatly display your favourite shoes. Glide the rail out of your wardrobe to allow you to easily see your shoe choices before picking your favourite pair to wear, and then smoothly glide the rail back in.

The Things You Might Not Think Were Possible 

We design fitted furniture for all rooms of the home, not just wardrobes for bedrooms. Our utility room storage has room for a washing machine, dryer and even a slim space designed for your ironing board. These everyday items can all be hidden away behind Sliderobes beautiful sliding doors.

Now you can see why we encourage you to share with us what you like and what you want in terms of storage. The main reason for chatting through your storage requirements allows our designers to come up with an interior layout that will work for you. With so many options available, why not book a design appointment
today, either in the comfort of your home or one of our friendly showrooms.

For more inspiration, visit our design ideas or request your free brochure.

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